Rev Safety & Statements

Rev Discos

Rev Discos, EPIC Project X  and Jam Junior are  brand names of Revolution Teen Events. We operate teenage discos and teen club nights for various age groups.

Jam Junior = 5th and 6th class Students 

Rev Discos = 1st year – 2nd year 

EPIC = 3rd year & TY

Project X = JC Nights exclusive to Junior Cert students 

Paradox Club Nights for students aged = TY year – 6th year (this is a non alcoholic event no alcohol must be bought on the premises). All our events are a alcohol & drug free which is run and operated by Revolution Teen Events solly  and not the venue.

Rev is one of a few events in Ireland that allows minors to attend without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Terms and Conditions for the event are a guide for parents and attendees as to what to expect when one attends. We want our children, children from the locality and any other children coming to the Event to enjoy themselves under the supervision of Volunteers, Security & Gardaí. 

It affords this age group a focal point to meet and socialise. We believe that in this social media era that it is vital for our children to be able to develop their person to person skills in a sheltered environment. We believe that this Event is an ideal opportunity.

We would encourage all parents to be actively involved in helping the child prepare and convey them to and from the event. Cars are our preferred mode of transport – The driving, perhaps, can be shared between a few parents to facilitate the delivery and collection

**** Zero Tolerance Ts& Cs ****

>This age group strictly no smoking unless there are aged 16 with parents concent or  no alcohol we have to mention this in the strictest form. If someone is ever caught doing these they will be brought to the duty of carer, parents or guardai will be called.

>We recommend for you to personally drop your child to the disco 15/20mins before the doors opening or  to know where they are an hour prior to the event.

> Any form of bulling, taking videos and uploading them with out consent of the other person will be brought out to the duty of carer where parents will be called.

>Your child can only use the seats provided they can not sit on a ledge, counter top or steps.

> All attendees must respect and obey instructions from all staff members.


Safety Statement


>Licenced Security Personnel’s 1:40 kids.

>Duty of Carer.

>Full CCTV for security and safety.

>Capacity is as follows

Bweeng: 300

Cappoquin: 600 

Cahir 650 

All locations are for patrons standing 

> We will have full disco lighting, lasers and full darkness please make sure your child knows this prior or if they are sensitive to fast lighting they should not attend.

Please take this in mind if your child has issues with loud noises.

> We usue full fast disco lighting, lasers and the venue is full darkness please make sure your child knows this prior or if they are sensitive to fast lighting they should not attend

Please do not leave your car in the middle of the road while picking up. Please parents listen to the security the know the roads and know how to get the traffic flowing quickly for fast entry and pick up.


Finally all items, services and give always are advertised in the intention to be given away or used only if target numbers are met e.g over 400 teenagers. If targets are not met prizes and give always maybe reduced or kept until the following disco. We need approx 2 hours prior to the disco for the services to be ready such as candy carts, photobooths etc if teens arrive early these maybe cancelled to get everyone in off the footpath. Please note services are hired from a different company. Acts, celebrity appearances may cancel @ there own discussion if they become unwell, ill or no transport, we ask for them to give us 24 hours notice if they do not show up on the night, it is not our fault but there own. There affecting their own name and we wish for them to reschedule to a closer disco date .99% of the time everything we advertised in the past had happened or been given away but due to Law suits for false advertising made against other businesses in the past 5 years we must mention this in writing to cover our selfs invade an item is forgotten, breaks or does not show up or given away.