VOID My Ticket: Is now opened for Rev Cahir only ! Closing Date Sunday December 5th

We will only accept tickets to be VOID one week before the event do not apply for a transfer before hand as the service will not be active

The Deadline is 7pm the day of the disco any transfer requests put in after 7pm will not be accepted and you will loose the purchase ticket

VOID your Ticket is freezing your ticket and using at another disco that your able to attend you must have contacted us prior to public sale to re activate your ticket and we will issue you a new ticket for the disco you wish to attend.

You must contact us straight away when you know which disco you or your child would like to attend we will then re activate your ticket and re issue you a new ticket for the new disco for no additional fee.

If the event is sold out their is no availability your child cannot transfer their ticket to the new disco our advice is to contact us as soon as the new date is announced to re activate your ticket.

Once your ticket is  VOID this means no one can use it or you cannot sell it

Once a ticket is VOID for the current disco it cannot be undone

A VOID Ticket can only be re activated once

A VOID Ticket is  valid for one disco within a 6 month period excluding government restrictions and lockdown downs

If you do not contact us prior to the disco to VOID your ticket with out a valid reason you forfeit your ticket like every other disco, festival, cinema ticket etc by not contacting us prior to the disco you loose your ticket and a refund will not be given or be allowed to transfer your ticket to the next event. This is a service we are proud to be the first to offer in Ireland.